Top Most Failed startups In India

Top Most Failed startups In India

As we step into 2020, I remind myself of my obligatory duty of publishing the famous failed startups from the year 2019.

And now, when the list is completed, I feel lighter. That’s a significant weight off my shoulders.

It comes at the back of having achieved another milestone of publishing the list of successful entrepreneurs in India.

For days, I had been procrastinating and avoiding the 2019 list. However, as the year 2018 started approaching the fag end – I started reminding myself of the top priority item on my to-do list.

Before i start with the list of failed startups and businesses from 2019, here is the list of our famous failed startups and businesses from previous years (sorted by years):

Failed Startup List 2016

Failed Startup List 2017

Failed Startup List 2018

So, here we are.

Let us welcome 2020 with the learnings from 2019. Learnings that are best learned from failures than successes.

Disclaimer – In addition to the unsuccessful startups in India, we have also included a few major businesses and companies that closed in India in 2019. 

So, this year’s failed startups in India in 2019 is actually a comprehensive list of “famous failed startups and businesses in India (Year -2019).

Here is the list for you:

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